Pet Resume Template FINAL.png

Pet Resume Template

I know what you are thinking. A resume? For a pet?!

Well, hear me out:

  • Some apartments or rental properties have strict rules for pets. Use this template to showcase your pet as an individual! It's a great tool for families renting with pets. 
  • Interviewing with a pet-friendly office? Bring this along! 
  • Dropping your pet off at a new kennel or with a new pet sitter? This is a great way to introduce your pets to new pet people!

This download has 2 pages. The second page is where you can place some pictures of your pet!

Petculiar Instructions to care for your pet

Pet Care Instructions Template

Dropping your pet off at a sitter's or a kennel can be nerve-racking! Who could possibly treat my pet better than you? Well, this template is a simple tool to settle nerves or just keep you organized. Your caretaker will have all the information they need on one piece of paper! 

  • Going on vacation or a business trip and leaving your pet behind? Make sure your sitter knows the details.
  • Great for new pet owners still getting used to a routine.
  • Trying to teach your child to care for the household pet? Have them fill out and follow this template as a fun exercise!
  • Foster parents - send your foster pet home with their new family by giving them this guide to get started!