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Dog Feeding Home Guide

Dog owners know that most dogs will eat just about anything! And most dogs have no trouble begging as you prepare food for your human family too. Well, it turns out that a lot of foods that we can safely digest are toxic for our pups. It can be challenging to remember all of the foods to keep out of reach of your dog. Download this inforgraphic to keep track! 

  • Great for kids to read.

  • Put it on the fridge or pantry door as gentle reminders for the whole family!

  • Share it with your friends!


Like us, dog’s spend a large fraction of their lives sleeping. But we don’t talk about it a lot.

We partnered with The Sleep Help Institute to learn more about dogs and their sleep habits.

Feel free to share this infographic that highlights:

  • How many hours of sleep a dog should be getting

  • Reasons a dog might sleep too much

  • And reasons and dog might be sleeping too little

Sleep tight!

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