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DIY Cat Toys: Absolutely Free and Easy to Make

Do it Yourself projects are really popular and if you are anything like me, you pin and save more DIY Projects than you can do in a lifetime.

But good news!

We’ve curated a list of DIY Cat Toys that require no prior skills, no money, and minimal effort. Because, let’s be honest. If you make something and show it to your cat as if you were asking them to play with it, they will refuse to play with it out of shear spite.

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DIY Tessellation Art

This craft project has a nostalgic feel to it. The use of 3 simple items (colored paper, scissors and kid-friendly glue) to create art brought me back to my youth. Except the style of art feels a little more modern. This is a great craft project for people of all ages and different interests. The possibilities of what you want to create are endless. And you can be as organic or mathematical with your pieces as you want!

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Halloween DIY Pet Costume Ideas

You are probably reading this because you love Halloween, costumes, DIY projects or pets. But probably it's all of them. Am I wrong? I didn't think so. Anyway, I could go on and on with a long intro about pets at Halloween, but, let's be honest. We are all here for the photos...

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