DIY Cat Toys: Absolutely Free and Easy to Make

Do it Yourself projects are really popular and if you are anything like me, you pin and save more DIY Projects than you can do in a lifetime.

But good news!

We’ve curated a list of DIY Cat Toys that require no prior skills, no money, and minimal effort. Because, let’s be honest. If you make something and show it to your cat as if you were asking them to play with it, they will refuse to play with it out of shear spite.

Rule Number One

Cats are stubborn. Do not try to tell a cat what to do.

Rule Number Two

You don’t get to make the rules.

But with this list, your cat won’t even see it coming and will find these items simply irresistible. I was inspired to make this list because I recently bought a cat toy for my cat and she couldn’t have been less interested. I accidentally dropped the handle which was a ring I could slip my finger into, and you guessed it. She LOVED the handle! It was a stinky reminder that cats can be butts and don’t appreciate what you get for them sometimes.

So we are not kidding when we say this list is FREE and EASY!

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Feel Free to Mix and Match the List!

  1. Bread Ties

    • Look no further than your pantry! Bread ties are all the rage for cats. I recommend molding it into a ribbon shape. Some cats like this but there’s no accounting for their taste.

  2. Hair Ties

    1. Look no further than your bathroom too. You cats will take this toy even when you don’t give it to them. Can’t find your hair tie? Take a look under a couch. You’ll find them.

  3. Plastic Bag

    1. Putting away groceries is fun!…for the cat. Plastic bags for daaaaayyysss.

  4. Paper Bag

    1. These are the best kinds of bags. They crinkle and they have all your new clothes inside. What’s not to like. My favorite is when I take my clothes out of my new paper bag, my cat hops in the bag, I start ripping off the tags and throwing them in there with her. She loves it! And I get new clothes. Win - win!

  5. Reusable Shopping Bag

    • Not as crinkly as the plastic and paper options, but your cat will still be satisfied.

  6. Shoe Box

    • The perfect box. They usually have holes in them where you can stick your finger and your cat can bite you. What’s not to like?

  7. All Boxes

    • Playing is more fun in a fort. Enough said.

  8. Milk Jug Ring

    • The perfect size for a cat paw to grab it and also throw it simultaneously.

  9. Hair Brush

    • They will conquer the bristles on a hair brush. One minute they will love on it and rub against it and then - bam! Attack mode! Kind of like when we pet our furry friends! These cats have so much love to give.

  10. Flip Flops

    • Dogs like to destroy our nice leather shoes. But not cats. They like those cheap ass flip flops that you can find at the dollar store. Cats - 1. Dogs - 0.

  11. Christmas Lights

    • Cue music… “It’s the Most Wonderful Tiiiiimmmm or the yeeearrr.”

  12. Christmas Ornaments

    • There are really fun lists of what people have done to avoid cats destroying their Christmas trees. It’s internet gold.

  13. Wrapping Paper

    • With every gift you will wrap for your loved ones, your cats fur will be a part of those very special moments. They care sometimes.

  14. Toilet Paper Roll

    • Just throw it on the ground. #ReusableResources

  15. Laptop Keyboard

    • Maybe this is more for naps, but occasionally they like to hit a few keys and make your computer screen do things that you didn’t know were possible.

  16. Dog Tail

    • The fluffy ones especially.

  17. Pen / Pen Cap

    • Humans are guilty of chewing on them too.

  18. Basic String

    • Look no further than your basic string. Need I say more?

Here are some BASIC pictures for Inspiration:

Tell us! What do your cats play with?