This Startup is Making Life Simpler for Pet Parents & Pet Businesses

There are a lot of apps in the marketplace, but if you own a pet, you need to know about this one. Pet Connect hit the app store in March of 2017 and is one to watch, let alone download. I am excited to share the story behind this app and how it's benefiting pet parents and pet business owners alike. 

This Pet Startup is making life simpler for pet parents and pet businesses. Petculiar. Lifestyle and culture for pets. Champion for pets.

Petculiar got its inspiration from a Pit Bull named Cami. As one of the most controversial pets in the world, this Pittie inspired a blog that fosters opportunities for all pets. Big or small, furry or not, all pets deserve to be championed for. 

And as all pet businesses really should be, Pet Connect was also inspired by a pet. 


Mason. The inspiration behind Pet Connect App. Petculiar. Champion for Pets.

Mason was traveling with his owner, Hector Ocasio, when he became ill very suddenly. It was very clear to Hector, one of the co-founders behind Pet Connect, that his dog Mason needed emergency care. Like most would do, he went straight to Google and searched for the nearest emergency vet clinic that was open after hours. There were only 2 options. One clinic which was 1 hour away and the other that was 20 minutes away. 

20 minutes later, Hector pulled into the animal hospital only to find that this location was closed down. Mason’s symptoms were getting worse. With quick thinking, Hector decided to phone a friend to see what they could find. 

Fortunately, the clinic that appeared to be closed down had actually just moved locations and hadn’t updated Google.

A few minutes later, Mason was checked into the emergency vet. 

“You wouldn’t have made it to the other side of town with Mason.”

That’s what the Dr. had told Hector Ocasio as Mason was getting fluids and treatment for his sudden illness. 

Hector almost lost Mason on that day...all because of a missed google update. This is when Hector realized that he wasn’t the only person that had a need for a strong, reliable pet resource for his pet’s safety and wellbeing. And he also realized that pet businesses needed a simpler way to communicate with consumers. 

After a few months and a few conversations later, and with the help of his co-founder, Jason Hanny, Pet Connect hit the app market. 

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You guys. I am an organization freak. I don't mean in a way that I color code my shirts or anything (because I don’t, although the thought of that is appealing)... I am talking about the way that organization makes life easier and simpler so we have more time to do the things we love. I have been seeeaaarrchhing for a way to organize my pets' records and information in one place. And while I have found a lot of ways to organize pet records, this app is my favorite solution. 

There are a lot of ways to search for content, products and services on the internet, but it can also be overwhelming. And when it comes to our precious fur (or feather, scales, etc..) babies, we want to ensure we are finding the best. 

Pet Connect does that for you. 

All of it - right in one app. 

That's right. You don't have to download a million apps or search the pages of google to find what you need. It's consolidated into a one-stop shop with Pet Connect

Let's talk about everything this app can do: 


  • Create pet profiles for each pet where you can record birthdays, microchip numbers, photos and more! 
  • Upload and store medical records into one cloud-like location.
  • Get the family or friends involved and share pet profiles.


  • Tired of getting bombarded with meaningless messages daily? I know I am. It’s sort of exhausting trying to filter through so many things in a day when only a few really provide value. With the Pet Connect app, the messages you receive are tailored for you and your pet. 


  • Need a groomer? No problem. Vet? No problem? How about a pet photographer? Yep! Pet Connect can find that for you too. This is possibly one of my favorite features of the app. It’s truly connecting me with local pet culture.


  • Access your vet’s information with a few simple clicks! 
  • Once you save a business as a “favorite,” you can receive special offers and promotions. Who doesn’t like saving money!?
  • Are you a frequent traveler with your pets? Find clinics and businesses while traveling in case of an emergency.


  • Don’t worry about calling your vet and getting placed on hold or having to leave a voicemail. Who has time for that anymore? Book an appointment with one simple click! 
  • My old vet’s office invested a lot of money in an app, but I wasn’t able to book an appointment on the app which would have been ideal. Plus, it took a lot of space and didn’t add any value to my time or my life. Pet Connect is different this way. It’s so great to have access to everything I need in one app.

Here’s some snapshots of what these features look like. 

Amazing, right? But as an entrepreneur and pet business owner myself, stories about how businesses are succeeding makes my heart happy. And Pet Connect is doing that for the pet industry. 

“Finally!  A sales tool that actually makes sense for my business!  Thank you Pet Connect!”      - Sandi Cox, Owner of Bark N Bubbles in Leesburg, VA.


Finding your audience as a business seems like a simple thing until you're actually running a business. Finding your audience and meaningfully engaging with them is even more challenging. 

With Pet Connect, not only can you instantly message your clients that “favorite” you in the app, but you can find new clients through the messages feature. Pet Connect can pinpoint an audience by location, pet type, pet age and any other details that app users upload into the app.

For example. let’s say you make custom dog collars for dogs with long necks, like greyhounds. With a Pet Connect business profile, you can target an audience with these breeds (locally or nationally) to share a meaningful offer or message about your product. 

Think global, shop local is a catchphrase for a reason. It’s a popular and growing trend among American shoppers. But it’s also really difficult for local businesses to compete with large stores or large online retailers. With Pet Connect, this gives you an opportunity for these consumer to find you and view your unique profile.

Learn more about creating a profile and the benefits of being on Pet Connect here.

Be sure to check it out, folks. This is a life-changing app and one you will want to download!