Check Out this Animal Inspired Graffiti in Austin, TX

Austin is famous for their graffiti art. Some cities discourage this type of art, but Austin embraces it and even hires local artists to create these works of art across their city. While graffiti art is not uncommon - especially in cities - the art in Austin has a unique flare with bold colors. And I love it. 

Animal Inspired Art. Graffiti Austin Texas

I have been living in Austin for a year now and was looking through some old pictures and realized I had quite the collection of animal graffiti art in my photos. Here are some of my favorites. 


Austin artists respect the work that's already up. 

Rarely would you ever see someone paint over an existing mural. However, there is one very special park in Austin where the walls are ever changing. It's called Graffiti Park and it's not going to be up for much longer. We were able to visit before the city puts up condos where this currently exists. 

Graffiti Park Austin Texas

Of course, we had to highlight the animal art. :)