DIY Tessellation Art

This craft project has a nostalgic feel to it. The use of 3 simple items (colored paper, scissors and kid-friendly glue) to create art brought me back to my youth. Except the style of art feels a little more modern. This is a great craft project for people of all ages and different interests. The possibilities of what you want to create are endless. And you can be as organic or mathematical with your pieces as you want!

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ASSEMBLY TIME: Time will vary depending on the art and complexity of your design. It took me 30 minutes to do the sample project below. 


  • Colored construction paper: $2-5, or paint sample cards: FREE
  • Background paper: FREE - $1. Varies. I found some old scrapbook paper and loved the texture and feel of what I had. Large scrapbook paper ranges from $0.30 - $1 per piece. 
  • Scissors: $5, but luckily most households have a pair or two lying around! 
  • Elmers glue: $2-5, or any other kid-safe glue. 

Fortunately, these are not uncommon items to find around your home or borrow from a friend. For me, I was able to complete this project without spending any money! Depending on your crafting ability, you can take this tessellation concept and apply it to many different crafts, i.e. woodworking, quilting and whatever you can set your mind to!

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  1. Pick and Plan Your Design: I decided to use my logo and keep it pet-focused, but you can technically make anything you want! From hearts to trees, rainbows to birds, and so much more! 
  2. Gather Materials: Gather materials listed above and lay them out on a flat surface and work area, like a table.  
  3. Cut the Colored Paper: Use your scissors and just start cutting away at the colored paper! Cut in strait lines creating mostly triangular shapes.  
  4. Layout Your Design: On your backdrop, start to push the little pieces into the shape of your design or art. You can keep the pieces close together or give it a tiled gap feel. 
  5. Glue Your Design: Once you are happy with your layout, carefully start taking each individual piece of paper and gluing it back from where you picked it up. 
  6. Let It Dry: Let the art dry and then display it wherever you like! I put mine on the fridge! 
pet culture blog. Petculiar. tessellation art instructions. pet diy and crafts.


We want to see your tessellation art! Share it with us - especially if it's pet-inspired! 

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