6 Hair Styles Inspired By Animals

Lemme tell you a tale about tails. Tails of hair that is. From pig tails to beehives, we are going to talk about animals that have inspired hairstyles or the naming of hairstyles in (mostly) recent history.

1. Pig Tails

The tail of an actual pig is a curly and short little thing, so it might be easy to assume that little girls with hair tied to the side and curled would have been the meaning behind calling pigtails, well, pigtails. However, the term was actually used to describe the way tobacco leaves were twisted together while drying. And the hairstyle was described to look like the drying tobacco leaves. Which in a round-about kind of way, pigtails look like pig tails! This term was coined in the 1600s, although this type of hairstyle has been around longer. 

PigTails Hair. Petculiar. Curious About Pets
Tobacco leaves hanging to dry. Also called PigTails.

Tobacco leaves hanging to dry. Also called PigTails.

2. Pony Tails

Now this term came shortly after pigtails even though the hairstyle has been around for much longer! The word is meant to describe a look of just that - a pony's tail. Take a look! 

PonyTail Hairstyle. Petculiar. Curious About Pets

3. Rat Tails

Many have a love or hate relationship with this style and few fall in between. The Rattail was very popular in the 1980s and 90s. Just like the ponytail, it's named after just what it resembles - a thin rat tail. Many let the hair fall naturally, but others may decide to braid it, dreadlock it, curl it, straighten it - we will let your imagination figure out the rest. 

Rattail Hairstyle. Petculiar. Curious About Pets.

4. Beehives

The rise of the beehive hairdo was popular in the 1960s. This look has been reinvented and reimagined back into fashion through the decades - just a little less height in recent years. Many would even say the beehive hairdo was reimagined from bigger hairstyles that were popular during the Victorian era. Nonetheless, the term "Beehive" used to describe hair was coined in the 1960s. Check it out:

Beehive Hair.png

5. Fish Tails

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a reliable source telling us when this hairstyle was created or named, but we do think it resembles a fish or mermaid tail! What do you think?

FishTail Hairstyle. Petculiar Curious About Pets.

6. Duck Tails

This hairstyle grew in popularity in the 1950s. It was, and still is, a popular hairstyle for rockers. The most popular celebrity that comes to mind that rocked the look was none other than Elvis Presley. Check out the picture to see the resemblance to a Duck's feathers coming together at the tail. 

DuckTail Hairstyle. Curious About Pets. Petculiar