DIY Reversible & No-Sew Pet Blanket for Less Than $20

If you are like us, you chose to have a pet for companionship. And what better way to bond with your pet than snuggling on the couch, right? We also frequent the park and other pet-friendly places, so we want to protect car seats too. Some pets have sharp claws and nails that can scratch/puncture your furniture. Let’s not forget about the hair! 

Pet Blanket, Shedding, Protect Furniture from Pets.

While their are a few ways to fix your furniture, the best way is to prevent it by covering your items. And while there are dozens of great products on the market like couch covers and car seat hammocks, they can be expensive. They can also be time-consuming to put on and remove to clean. An affordable and easy-to-clean alternative to these custom-made items is to simply cover your items with a blanket. 


Ok, so blankets aren’t so cheap either. But here’s a little DIY hack to get that blanket at a very affordable price. Plus. you can pick your own fabric!

DIY Reversible and no-sew pet blanket. Petculiar

ASSEMBLY TIME: 30 minutes 


  • A pair of household scissors or fabric scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • 2 different cuts of fleece fabric at the same length. Notes on sizes below.
DIY Pet Blanket Materials. Petculiar


  1. Choose Your Fleece Fabric: Pick your fabric online or shop at a local fabric store. While fabric can be pricey, fleece fabric is super affordable averaging at about $6 per yard in the U.S.! It can be easy to find these items on sale from 30-50% off at local hobby and craft stores. To make this blanket reversible, simply choose 2 complementary fabrics and have them cut at the same length. You can also opt to just have the same fabric on both sides, just be sure to double your length. 
  2. Choose Your Size: The size of your blanket is up to you! Most fleece fabric is produced to fit a bolt that is 60 inches wide. Then your fabric is cut in yards to your desired length. In this demonstration, we have cut 1.5 Yards of 2 fleece fabrics. 
  3. Pre-wash Your Fabric: (OPTIONAL) It’s always a good idea to pre-wash fabric so that if it’s going to shrink, it does so before you measure an item to fit. But for this blanket, this step is optional. 
  4. Lay Out Your Fabric: Be sure to find an open space so that you can lay out your fleece evenly with one evenly on top of the other. 
  5. Cut the Fabric: Once your fabric is flat and lined up together, simply take your scissors and make 5” cut into the fabric on any side. Then make the same cut over and over again around the entirety of the fabric. Make the cuts about 1-2 inches apart. Note: Be sure to cut off the selvage if one exists. 
  6. Tie it Together: Now that you have cut all the way around the blanket, take each cut piece and tie the top fabric to the bottom fabric. Do this around the entire blanket. We used a double knot. Basically, you are tying the two fabrics together and giving the edge of the blanket a tassel-like appearance. 
DIY Pet Blanket Instructions. Petculiar


Now you can use this blanket around your home to cover places your pets like to frequent. And when you need to clean your item, all you have to do is slip it in the wash. Fleece has a tendency to shrink. You can avoid this by pre washing and drying your fabric or letting the fabric air dry. 

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