10 Ways to Celebrate Your Pup's Birthday

Maybe you are like us and spoil your pets rotten every day. So how do you go above and beyond on their birthday??

Well we have 10 ideas we think are great ways to celebrate your pup. Maybe only pick a few of the food options for dogs with sensitive tummies. 

10 ways to celebrate dog's birthday. Petculiar

Start with Dog pancakes. 

That’s right – pancakes for dogs. We found this tasty (and dog approved) recipe for Buckwheat Dog Pancakes with a Peanut Butter Drizzle. They are gluten free for pups on a grain free diet! Also, our doggies wanted us to remind you: don’t forget a side of bacon!  

Take them for a Starbucks Puppuccino

Fun fact, Starbucks puppucinnos are free! Just go through the drive through and pick one up. You won’t see it on the menu because it’s part of their “secret” menu. Note: this treat is basically just whipped cream and can be rich for your puppy. We don’t recommend a full cup for little dogs. And we don’t recommend making this a regular stop, but on a birthday…why not?! 

Take them to a new park / hiking trail. 

Dogs love to go outside. But more importantly, the like to be outside with you! Take the afternoon to explore a new park or hiking trail in your area. We liked this list of Pet Friendly Parks in the US. A good local google search will do just as well. Some reminders: Don’t forget to bring water for you and your pets and be sure to check the difficulty level of the hike and that it’s something you and your dog can both physically do. Enjoy the park and since it’s your dog’s birthday, they surely get to decide when they are done smelling a patch of grass, right? 

Give them allll the toys and gifts. 

What’s a birthday without gifts? You can either buy some and wrap them up to surprise your dog or take them to a local pet store and let them pick out their own new toy(s).      

Go swimming

Not all dogs love to swim, but when they do…they REALLY love to swim. For most people, this is not something a dog can do every day so it’s a special event and perfect for your canine friend on their birthday. 

dog loves swimming. Spoil your dog. Dog birthday

Throw a party!

If your dog enjoys other dogs, invite over all the dogs. If your dog enjoys people over other pets, invite all your friends. It’s hard to deny our furry buddies like attention from their favorite friends. Dog = happy. 

Have a birthday cake. 

Party or not, you can’t forget the cake. A dog’s birthday cake is purchasable at a lot of local pet purpose stores or online. If you have the time, you can also bake one up your self! If you are on a budget or short on time, a dog always appreciates a big pile of meat. Get creative and make a meat cake! 

Give them a doggy massage.

We pet our dogs everyday. A doggy massage is way more than just your usual belly rub. Check out the benefits of giving your dog a massage and how to do it HERE

Do their favorite thing. 

Most of the dogs we have met have an absolute favorite thing. One dog we know loves socks. So buy that dog a new bag of socks. Another dog we know loves frisbees. So play frisbee with that dog a few times that day. But ultimately, each and every dog has quirks that make it unique. You know what makes your puppy happy, so there is only so much we can list here. 🙂

Put away the phone, computer and TV.

What we do know is that animals love their humans. More than anything in the world, they just want to spend time with you. Put down the electronics and unplug for a day with your dog. We promise they will appreciate that more than anything! 

At a high-level, dogs are simple. They like to go outside and be active, eat tasty food, and get attention from their owners. But more importantly, every dog is unique. Only you know the best ways to celebrate your dog and show them how much you appreciate all the unconditional support they provide us.

Now we want to hear from you…how do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?