This Human and Her Bearded Dragon Just Won Halloween

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays at Petculiar. It's a unique holiday surrounded by mischief, sweets, and a chance to be someone else for a day. What's not to like? Our favorite part though? We have been obsessing over Instagram and various hashtags so that we can see pets in costumes or people in costumes inspired by pets.


And while there are amazing costumes out there, we especially applaud the DIY costumes that people creatively piece together. And we stumbled upon one that we applaud for originality and the inclusion of her pet Bearded Dragon. 


Meet Maddison and her Beardie (a.k.a. Bearded Dragon), Ryujin (Ree-You-Gin), which is the name of a Japanese Dragon God. He goes by Ryu (Ree-You) for short. Maddison and Ryu dressed up as Ms. Frizzle from the children's show The Magic School Bus and for those of you that are familiar with the show - she has a pet lizard! Check out Maddison's costume!

Ms Frizzle The Magic School Bus Costume.png

Firstly, we want to congratulate Maddison for winning Halloween. In our eyes at least! 

But secondly, we thought this would be an excellent moment to learn more about Bearded Dragons as pets. 


1. What is your Bearded Dragon’s name?

  • Ryujin! It is the name of the Japanese Dragin god! We call him Ryu for short especially when were talking about him to his kitty brothers and sister.

2. How old is your pet?

  • He turns 3 on October 31, 2017! He's a Halloween baby, how fitting right?!

3. What’s your adoption story?

  • It was very unexpected actually, I had a girl I worked with that couldn't take care of him anymore message me knowing I was an animal lover and asked me to take him in. She has thanked me and told me she couldn't have picked a better person which makes me feel very good.

4. Why did you want a Bearded Dragon?

  • Well like I said, he was kind of unexpected but they are gorgeous and I've always wanted a lizard!

5. What gave you the idea for the Halloween costume?

  • A girl and I from work were talking about costumes we could do with our animals and she was the one that brought up that Ms. Frizzle would be a cool idea to do since I had a lizard.

6. Did you make/fashion it yourself?

  • I bought the dress on Amazon which was pretty cheap, and I cut the collar off and old white button up! And I already had the red shoes. Viola!

7. Do you have any other pets?

  • I have 3 kitties!

8. If yes, do they get along?  (PICTURES BELOW)

  • Absolutely, I can let Ryujin roam with no worries. I have a munchkin kitty who is especially fond of him, she watches him in and out of his habitat constantly and actually gets mad when I put him back.

9. What are your favorite things about having a Bearded Dragon?

  • They are the most chill pet ever. I have fallen asleep with him on me and woke up two hours later and he was still there! They are really pretty easy to take care of too. I prep his veggie meals every week which only takes maybe 5-10 minutes and live animal feedings are easy as well!

10. What are some challenges of owning them? (in case someone is considering it)

  • Making sure you have the right set-up. Lighting, temperature, bathing, and other things like that. You have to educate yourself on a lot of things before adopting one, but once you get into routine, they are are low-maintenance and great pets.

11. If there is one thing that you want the world to understand about Bearded Dragons, what would that be?

  • I don't like people asking me if his room smells bad all the time. They are not that smelly if you take care of there habitat correctly! 


To follow Ryu on all of his adventures, check out this INSTAGRAM:

Do you have a Bearded Dragon? Tell us about him/her!