12 Ways Cats Show Their Affection <3

Is it just us or do people seem to either LOVE or HATE cats? Where do you fall on the spectrum?

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Whether you are cat people or non-cat people (or indifferent), cats can often be misunderstood because of their unique body language and stoic facial expressions. So we thought we would share a list of the ways that our deviant friends (or foes) show their affection to humans.  Who knows - maybe it will move your spot on the spectrum.

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1. Purrs and Meows

Listen closely - cats like to talk to you! Purring is actually a cat expressing many types of feelings, but when around their humans, it usually means "I love you." Also, fun fact...adult cats do not meow around other cats. "Kittens meow to let their mother know they’re cold or hungry, but once they get a bit older, cats no longer meow to other cats." (ASPCA) They only meow around their humans when they are trying to say one of a few things, such as: "I love you", "hello", or "feed me!" Many cat owners notice their cats meow most when they are hungry. So maybe this one is less love and a little more demanding? Interesting...read more about it from the ASPCA

2. Playing

Every cat is unique, but many cats play in their own way. From kittenhood to adulthood, a feline that plays with you is a feline that loves you. 

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3. Look at My Belly! 

"Touch it, but also don't touch it," says the cat with those deviant adorable big eyes. We have all been there. One second you are petting a cat and they are purring and the next moment they are biting you and running away. Regardless of what can appear to be some odd behavior, you know you are loved by your furry buddy if they show you their belly. This is a very vulnerable position for cats! 

4. Head bunt = High Five?

Have you ever had a cat walk up to you and just head bunt you? Good news! This means a cat likes you. It's a way that the cat puts its scent on you and another sign of affection to add to the list.

5. Look Into My Eyes

cat eyes. Look into my eyes. How cat's show affection. Pet blog

If there is one thing that we love about cats. It's their purrrfect eyes! Ranging from a variety of colors and shapes, we can't say we have come across many people who would say they are not great. Humans even try to achieve a cat eye look with make up! Other than their diversity and, in our opinion, beauty - add eyes to the list of ways cats can express their adoration.

"A kitty’s eyes are proportionately very large—if human’s eyes were the same proportion, our eyes would be eight inches across!" (The Spruce). So, if a cat stares into your eyes, it's a sign of sweet kitty love for you. And if that kitty winks, you've struck gold! Wins are also known as "Kitty Kisses." How cute is that?

6. Body Language? Try Tail Language

This one is a bit more subtle, because we could write an entirely different post just about tail language. But instead of that, we recommend learning more by visiting this list from Catster. However, when looking for signs of affection, watch for that cat tail to be up in the air! If your cats tail is up, up, up - someone is excited to see you. 

7. Scratching

Similar to head bunting, a cat scratching is a way for a cat to leave its scent. Cats like to scratch a place that is their favorite or your favorite spot. 

8. Kneading

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While the tail language could take a while to learn, cat kneading is easier to identify. It starts when kittens are babies and drinking milk from their mothers, but it's a motion they continue into adulthood and only do this when they are relaxed and calm. 

9. It's a Gift

Who doesn't love getting a gift!? Maybe it depends on the gift. Or maybe it depends who it's from, because a gift from a cat is usually a small and dead animal. We'll explain...

Cat's like to hunt. They may not always eat what they catch, but most owners that have an outdoor cat know what we are getting at. Cat's like to bring humans their kill. We suppose that can be a little...well, it's gross. But we recommend looking at this positively. Because when your cat brings you a dead, small critter, it just means they want to share their success with their best friends. And that's you!

10. Grooming

Another more obvious one to add to our blogroll. Cats self groom ALL the time. You might even say it's obsessive. According to Dr. Cynthia McManis, a veterinarian and owner of Just Cats Vet Services, "adult cats spend up to 50 percent of their waking hours grooming." (The Daily Cat). Usually, cats will only groom other cats (or pets in the home) if they like that pet. And the same goes for humans. Ever had a cat groom your hair?


11. Rubbing against your legs

cat rubbing against legs. Cat Affection. Pet blog.

Similar to head bunting, a cat rubbing it's body along your legs (or anything for that matter) is a way for the cat to mark it's scent and say, "I love you." 

12. Cat Stalking

Cats tend to have a reputation for being stand-offish and not very snuggly, however, in cat language you have to look at through a unique lens. If your cat follows you around and is usually in the same room as you, it adores you. 

While this list is a simple way to explain some cat behavior, we still believe that every cat is an individual. What does your kitty do to express their love to you?