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And we are particularly curious about these animals we call pets. And while there are many resources to learn about them online and off, Petculiar wants to ask the questions that haven't been asked yet and, most importantly, advocate for pets that deserve an audience. 

We also believe in having fun, staying positive, thinking globally, and inspiring others who may not be as passionate about pets as we are.

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Champion For Pets.

At Petculiar, we believe that humans have a social responsibility for pets. We did domesticate them after all! It's up to us to make sure they are cared for, in good health and understood by other humans. And we want to help showcase the best of our beloved pets. 

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We write about pets that come in different shapes and sizes - dogs, cats, parrots, horses, snakes, hamsters, fish, and so much more can be read about on our blog. But at Petculiar, we are trying to look at these pets through a unique lens. Our categories include: 

A Message from our Founder. Petculiar

Hi there!

 My name is Lindsey and, in case you didn't notice, I'm a little obsessed with pets, but I also have a love for travel, culture and crafts. I'm fully admitting that I am a Pinterest and DIY junkie. Both professionally and personally, I have been blessed with opportunities to explore the craft world, travel and to work with a variety of pets in different industries, but my decision to start Petculiar came together all because of one pet in particular.

The Inspiration for Petculiar started with a Pit Bull.

Meet Cami. The the dog behind the logo and the inspiration for Petculiar.

She's a 60 pound blue Pit Bull (and total love bug) that I agreed to adopt while on a business trip in Ohio...except without even meeting her. Needless to say, people thought I was a little bit crazy. But the following weekend I hopped in my car from Nashville, Tennessee and met my new pet in Kentucky.

And she ended up changing my life. 

You see, I was living in this bubble about pets. I knew that problems in the animal world existed, but I had no idea what I was getting into when I adopted my pit mix. I was forced to purchase a home because of rental restrictions with the "breed." I had to worry about people stealing her as a fighting or bait dog, which is unfortunately all too common. And I had to continually face people that believe Cami's type should be euthanized for being "inherently" dangerous.

Simultaneously, I had decided that this was wrong. The media has it wrong. Pit Bulls are loyal. Mine is wonderful with other pets and children.  Plus, it's a total myth that their jaws lock. These dogs are just like any other pet I had ever met. They are individuals. But how do I tell people?

Championing for my pet just sort of happened. 

I became a go to person for questions about Pit Bulls and that's when I decided to take my "expertise" (hardly) and my journey to the internet and start a blog. But the approach with Petculiar is not Pit Bull focused because if there is anything that my Pit Bull Cami has taught me, it's that any animal can be misunderstood. And loving pet owners should be able to tell other pet people or not pet-loving people about them. 

Advocating for pets should be simple. And it should be fun!

Whether we share a heartwarming story about how a previously abused Pit Bull becomes a service animal or we share a cute picture of a kitten in a teacup, advocating can come in many different mediums and forms. And that's how Petculiar came to fruition with products and content for pets and pet people. 

We hope you enjoy our mission to Champion for Pets, think about pets globally, keep up to date with pet lifestyle & culture and throw in a little DIY and crafts - all centered around pets. 

Stay Curious, 


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